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BittyBay is an online virtual multiplayer animal kingdom where players are represented by virtual animal avatars. In BittyBay, players can play games, chat, meet new friends, collect items and avatars, make their own private room (aka “territories”), take on quests, attend staff-hosted events, and more.

The Positives

We’ve found that the game has a very friendly and welcoming community – something that is very important to start with. In addition to strong community relationships, BittyBay also focuses a lot on promoting animal welfare and environmental preservation, which is a great topic for kids to learn about.


The engaging environment within BittyBay really promotes user interaction and creativity, allowing players of the game to create and manage their own virtual room in which other players congregate in real-time. The vibrant colors and detailed pixel graphics really makes BittyBay stand out as a unique online environment for kids.

The Negatives

The game is still being developed, which means that a lot of features are still missing. In addition, because it’s still relatively unknown, there are only a handful of users on at a time, and the game isn’t really moderated as heavily as some other games out there.


Having said that, it is important to note that a brand new version of the game was released in January 2014 – it has addressed many of the issues that the game was facing, and BittyBay now has a solid foundation which they can build upon with small and frequent updates, rather than taking months to release new content.

BittyBay has the potential to become very successful, so it will be interesting to see how it all pans out.



BittyBay has made it to the top of our list as it encapsulates the very essence of this website – it is, through and through, a virtual animal game to the fullest extent. We have never seen an isometric world based around pixelated animal avatars, so BittyBay scores full points on that front. The updates that are scheduled sound amazing and we think it will really put this game on the map. This is your chance to check out this game while it is in its infancy so you can experience it before it goes wild. There’s nothing better than saying “I played that game before it was popular”… Or that may just be my inner hipster talking.

Take a look at BittyBay for yourself!

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